The first Seed instance is Seed: Maternal Health. These are the components we are building for it:

Component Lead Team Status
Mission Control Milton Dev In progress
Junebug Simon C Dev In progress
Identity Store Mike WCL In progress
Billing Simon C Dev
Helpdesk Mike WCL In progress
Operational Dashboards Colin SRE
Jsbox Runner Simon C Dev
Stage-based Messaging Engine Mike WCL In progress

Mission Control

  • Lead: Milton
  • Team: Development Teams

Mission Control currently has a strong Unicore / Molo focus. That needs to be broadened to allow other applications to run and expose the needed operational information for those applications. Mission Control already has notion of organization level access controls.

A lot of UX, design & FED input is needed here to in order to maintain conceptual integrity between all of the components.


  • Lead: Simon Cross
  • Team: Development Teams

Of all the components this is furthest along and most promising. What needs to be done here is that it needs to be able to accept Vumi messages via RabbitMQ (alongside the already existing HTTP API). The rough back of the napkin estimate for this is roughly a sprint and is needed for FamilyConnect Uganda.

Identity Store

  • Lead: Mike Jones
  • Team: Western Cape Labs

There is an implementation in Django for MAMA Nigeria. It needs to be extracted from that control interface into an independent thing. The new requirement here is that changes to fields on a contact should trigger events that other applications can register for (new registration, baby born, unsubscribe, opt-in / opt-out).


  • Lead: Simon Cross
  • Team: Development Teams

The implementation in Vumi is fairly standalone but will still need some attention, mostly around how accounts are managed. We also need to clearly define the purpose of billing within Seed and what non-message billing items might be needed by other Seed components.


  • Lead: Mike Jones
  • Team: Western Cape Labs

Currently Western Cape Labs is earmarked for this development and will likely only be delivered by January / February. Since this is a Django application Milton will need to understand how it works in order to be able to host & integrate it with Mission Control.

Operational Dashboards

  • Lead: Colin
  • Team: SRE

This is the infrastructure behind Riemann. We need robust infrastructure so the various components can query for their relevant metrics in order to provide the needed operational visibility.

Jsbox Runner

  • Lead: Simon Cross
  • Team: Development Teams

This already exists but can do with some optimizations since we no longer will need to reload every application per request. We also need to integrate it with Junebug.

Stage-based Messaging Engine

  • Lead: Mike Jones
  • Team: Western Cape Labs

We have an implementation for MAMA Nigeria but it is likely we will need to go back to the drawing board for part of it. It works but we have doubts about its ability to scale to the size we need it to be.